Brand: FleetNetwork

Product Code: FN-BK-F6D-SM-P

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This bulk 6-strand OS2 fiber cable is indoor/outdoor plenum rated and has a tight buffer construction. It is OFNP rated for plenum and general inside plant environments. It also has a UV stabilizer for protection against exposure to the sun plus an anti-fungus protection for use in underground applications.

Physical Characteristics
Color Yellow
Fiber Optic Type OS2 9?? Singlemode Plenum Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered Cable
Fiber Count 6-Strand
Sub Unit Diameter 900 Micron
Nominal Diameter 6.4mm
Tension(Installation) 300 lbs
Tension(Long Term) 90 lbs
Bending Radius(Installation) 9.6cm
Bending Radius(Long Term) 6.4cm
Operating Temperature -40 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Storage Temperature -40 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Installation -10 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Attenuation Range @1300nm 0.5dB/km
@1550nm 0.5dB/km
Gigabit Ethernet Min. Link Distance 1300nm = 5000
10 Gigabit Ethernet Min. Link Distance 1300nm = 10000
Fire Rating OFNP
UV Stabilizer Yes
Anti-Fungus Protection Yes
c(ETL) Yes
RoHS Yes
Packaging Information
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Product Weight 0.12 lbs [0.05 kg]