Aastra, A Mitel Compagny 142 Handset Charger Rack (D0069-666D-0200)

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Aastra, A Mitel Compagny 142 Handset Charger Rack (D0069-666D-0200)

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Aastra, A Mitel Compagny 142 Handset Charger Rack

Manufacturer: Aastra, A Mitel Company
Manufacturer's SKU: D0069-666D-0200
Generally people expect mobility and reachability from their employees independent from the environment they happen to work in. Using Aastra’s cordless DECT telephone Aastra 142d ensures this reachability. They can cover large premises and work reliably even under rough conditions.
For employees without a fi xed work place – e.g. working in hospitals or department stores etc. – it is a basic requirement for their availability to have a cordless telephone continually at hand.
Installing a Charger Rack with handsets in a central position can off er employees conveniently positioned fully charged phones, continually on stand-by, for all to use. The handsets can be personalized via individual PINs‘.  The Charger Rack can be set on a table or wall mounted. The Charger Rack is approved for use in the EU. 
• W x H x D (mm): 667 x 133 x 100
• Color: black

Part Numbers

 Aastra set Charger Rack containing:
• 1 Rack
• 8 Rack Charger for Aastra 142d,
• 4 device feet for table set up
• 2 plugs and screws for wall mounting
Part no. 69666 
International AC adapter for Charger Rack
Part no. 69635
Spare parts
Rack Charger for Aastra 142d
Part no. 69436
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