Algo 1825 VoIP Duet Plus Loud Ringer & Paging

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Algo 1825 VoIP Duet Plus Loud Ringer & Paging

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Algo 1825 Duet Plus

Powerful Low Frequency Ringer & Paging Amplifier

The 1825 Duet Plus® auxiliary ringer is a multi-application loud ringer and paging amplifier for use with business telephone systems in office and industrial applications.

Specifically designed for compatibility with Nortel systems, the Duet Plus works with Norstar, BCM, Meridian 1, CS 1000, analog and Meridian Digital Centrex telephones. Application notes are available ( appnotes) to describe functionality and any additional product requirements for applications with M7000, T7000, M2000, M3900, M5000, and analog telephones.

Non-Irritating Tone Output
Warble tone output is specifically designed to be non-irritating even at loudest volumes and more effective than shrill piezo type ringers in alerting personnel with hearing impairments, wearing ear protection, or in high ambient noise environments. These advantages are achieved by using a lower frequency range than most electronic ringers. 

Optional 1185 Horn Speaker
The 1825 Duet Plus® contains a speaker for low to moderate noise environments such as offices, storage areas, warehouses, and lunch rooms. For higher ambient noise or outdoor environments such as machine shops or work yards, the 1185 Horn Speaker can be added to achieve one of the most effective and weatherproof industrial loud ringers available. The economical and robust 1185 horn speaker is driven by a power amplifier in Duet Plus®. For more information, see


Need more informations? You can find the complete Datasheet here.