Algo 8028 VoIP SIP Doorphone Intercom

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Algo 8028 VoIP SIP Doorphone Intercom

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Algo 8028 SIP Doorphone

Communicate Safely and Conveniently with Visitors for Assistance and Remote Entry

Greet visitors from any phone connected to your communication network and allow entry with the simple press of a key. Great for unattended lobbies, front doors, gates, warehouse doors, or anywhere visitors may require assistance.

Install the full duplex capable digital door station anywhere you can run single pair 24 AWG wire. The network connection and door control relay are located securely inside the premise at the Controller location.

Flush or surface mount the door station indoors or outdoors in commercial or public facilities or private residence.


Key Features


  • SIP Endpoint with auto-provisioning capability
  • Web interface for remote configuration
  • Initiates or accepts calls

Single Pair Digital Door Station

  • Single pair 24 AWG wiring up to 1,000 Ft (300 m) from controller
  • Flush or surface mount weather-resistant enclosure
  • Full duplex capable
  • Stainless steel or brass
  • Backlit call button

Security & Safety

  • Door control relay located securely inside the premise at the Controller location
  • Network connection not exposed outdoors 
  • CSA/UL approved for outdoor location
  • Supervised link to door station

Door Sensor & External Call Button

  • Door sensor or call button input at controller or door station
  • In-use or call button output at controller or door station
  • Door control relay from controller with available 24 V 300 mA power 

Residential or Commercial

  • FCC & CISPR22 Class B approval for residential use
  • Single pair wiring for easy retrofit
  • Equally suited for commercial, residential, or public facility


Need more informations? You can find the complete Datasheet here.