Algo 8036 VoIP SIP Door Entry Intercom

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Algo 8036 VoIP SIP Door Entry Intercom

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Algo 8036

Unattended Lobby? Introducing Your 24/7 Receptionist

A Multimedia Intercom with Interactive
Touch Display, Camera, and Door Control

For unattended lobbies or entrances, the Algo 8036 SIP (VoIP) Multimedia Intercom provides secure, professional, and efficient greeting of visitors.

The 8036 functions like a virtual doorman, receptionist, or concierge. It’s a powerful multimedia doorphone enabling both speech and video communication to an IP phone, mobile client, or softphone. The brilliant graphic touch display presents information and user navigation options unique to your business. Using icons and buttons, scroll directories, keypads, and custom images, you can ensure a welcoming experience for your visitors.

Like a receptionist, the 8036 can ask qualifying questions, provide information, contact employees, and unlock doors. Automatically, interactively, or at the discretion of remote staff.


SIP Endpoint
  • PoE SIP Endpoint compatible with most premise or hosted servers
  • Wideband full duplex audio
  • Integrated camera for one-way or two-way video
  • Sunlight viewable high contrast and backlit graphic display
Web Interface Tool Configuration
  • Upload custom display images
  • Define icon touch actions (change display, open directory, keypad, make call)
  • Touch anywhere option
Access Control
  • Optional secure door unlock control
  • Door unlock from remote telephone keypad
  • Employee access using 8036 displayed keypad
  • Unlimited application possibilities using web tool or QML programming
  • Install indoors or outdoors
  • Accommodate multiple languages
  • Video and/or text communication options for hearing impaired
  • Touch anywhere option


Need more informations? You can find the complete Datasheet here.