Algo 8128 VoIP SIP, IP Clear Strobe Light, PoE Req.

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Algo 8128 VoIP SIP, IP Clear Strobe Light, PoE Req.

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Algo 8128 SIP Strobe Light

High Intensity SIP LED Strobe Light

Bright visual notification of telephone, safety, and security events. Effective and selectable flash patterns radiate light 360 x 180 degrees for visibility in all directions. Alerts employees in noisy locations and eliminates noise in quiet environments.

Eight efficient and powerful LEDs provide a range of visible effects. Aggressive flash patterns ensure effectiveness in large noisy industrial areas, while milder flash patterns are suitable for less urgent notification or offices.

Available lens covers in amber, blue, or red provide even more choice for distinguishing telephone and safety events from fire or other alarm systems. 

SIP, multicast, and dry contact activation allows the 8128 Strobe Light to easily integrate with any unified communication server or security system. For large deployments, transmit and receive multicasting capabilities provide easy scalability over the IP network without multiple SIP extensions.



  • PoE Endpoint
  • SIP, multicast, or dry contact activated
  • Selectable flash pattern, rate and intensity
  • Optional amber, blue or red covers
  • Wall or ceiling mountable
  • Weather resistant


  • 16 flash patterns suitable for all applications
  • OSHA or ADA compliance
  • Distinguishable from fire alarm
  • Higher efficiency and longer life than xenon strobe lights
  • Notification in noisy or quiet environments
  • Easily scales for large deployment using multicast


Need more informations? You can find the complete Datasheet here.