Panasonic HDV230 VoIP Desk Phones (PAHDV230)

Panasonic VoIP Phones

Panasonic HDV230 VoIP Desk Phones (PAHDV230)

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VoIP Desk Phones - Panasonic KX HDV230

Highly Versatile Communication

The Panasonic KX-HDV Series IP phones offer streamlined functions and the high definition voice quality that's essential for effective communication.


Key Features

12 FF Keys with Self-Labeling HD

12 flexible function keys can be constantly displayed, and up to 24 numbers can be registered. Since the numbers are displayed on the screen, a paper label is not required.

Voice Quality
The KX-HDV Series incorporates HD SONIC features, such as full duplex, acoustic echo cancellation, and packet loss concealment, in its hardware and software to maximise voice quality and wideband communication performance. HD SONIC contributes to clear voice communication.

5-inch Graphical Self-Labeling LCD with Backlight
The optional DSS Console enables expansion up to a maximum of 224 programmable keys. And a backlight makes text easy to read, ideal for work that centers on conversing.

Up to 6 Lines, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet & PoE

Featuring Gigabit Ethernet for comfortable communication, a single unit can connect to as many as
six lines. PoE compatibility also eliminates the need for an AC adaptor.



Audio Features
•HD voice
•Wideband codec: G.722
•Narrowband codec: G.711a-law, G.711μ-law, G.729a
•DTMF: In band, Out band (RFC2833), SIP INFO
•Full duplex speakerphone

IP Features
•6 SIP accounts
•IP version: IPv4, IPv6
•NAT traversal (STUN / Rport (RFC3581) /Port Punching / ICE)
•Embedded web server
•QoS (Layer 3 ToS DSCP / 802.1q / Q tagging (VLAN))

Phone Features
•Anonymous call (CLIR), Anonymous call rejection
•Call forward, Call hold, Call transfer, Call waiting
•Caller ID (CLIP, CNIP), Caller ID blocking
•Distinctive ring
•Do not disturb
•Ring selection
•Local phonebook (Up to 500 numbers)
•LDAP/XML Remote phonebook
•Blacklists (Up to 30 lists)

•Auto provisioning (SIP PnP / DHCP option / Redirection server)
•Export current active settings
•Automatic firmware upgrade
•Reset to factory default, Reset to carrier default, Reboot


•Gigabit Ethernet port: 2 × 10/100/1000Mbps
•Headset port (RJ9)
•EHS Supported
•PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
•Expansion Module Supported
Display / Indicator
•132 × 64 pixel 2.3 - inch graphical LCD
•160 × 384 pixel 5 - inch graphical LCD
•LCD backlight (Both LCD)
•1 LED for Ringer, Message waiting and Missed call indication
•12 LEDs for Flexible function and Line indication