Panasonic UDT121 VoIP SIP DECT Multi Cell Wireless Handset, requires Base Station (PAUDT121)

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Panasonic UDT121 VoIP SIP DECT Multi Cell Wireless Handset, requires Base Station (PAUDT121)

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Big-Building Mobility.

SIP Savings & Flexiblity.

To stay ahead of the curve, large corporations, institutions and small to medium-sized businesses must deftly leverage technologies that cut costs while streamlining operations. The rapid evolution towards SIP-based communications is a vivid example. The ability to transmit voice and data over a single unifi ed network simplifies an institution’s IT infrastructure, lowering facility costs along with monthly phone bills. SIP-based solutions have also empowered small businesses with fl exible and cost-effective networking solutions that until recently were reserved only for their big-business counterparts.

Large companies and other institutions very often reside in big buildings or campus-style complexes where executives can roam the entire premises, hurrying from meeting to meeting. Likewise, small and medium-sized businesses are typically heavy phone users but can’t be deskbound and therefore require on an in-building mobility solution. DECT wireless handsets can keep them connected to their communications hub, assuring important calls don’t go unanswered. But is there a comparable solution for those companies large and small who’ve completely migrated to SIP?

Introducing the Panasonic SIP Multi-Cell DECT wireless handsets.
Panasonic is known worldwide as a premier manufacturer of communications solutions, including a broad range of flexible, cost-effective SIP endpoints. The Panasonic SIP Multi-Cell DECT series combines the benefi ts of DECT—  an in-building radio technology that delivers high-quality, encrypted, mobile voice transmission—with the widely-accepted SIP standard, paving the way to secure and affordable in-building mobile communications.


Versatile Wireless Communications

Ergonomically Designed
The KX-UDT111 is a standard size wireless phone ideal for the general offi ce and any environment requiring enhanced mobility. The slim and light, pocket-sized KX-UDT121 model is perfect for most verticals including retail, hospitality and healthcare facilities where roaming is frequent. A concave shape prevents accidental dialing and protects keys when the handset is in a pocket and keys are rippled for easy access.

The KX-UDT131 is the perfect phone for harsh work environments. With its IP65 compliance (dust and water splash resistant) it is ideal for manufacturing, warehouse or factory applications.


Large, Colour Display
The KX-UDT Series features a large, 1.8-inch colour thin fi lm transistor (TFT) display with 65,000
colours. The backlit display has easy-to-see icons for optimal viewing.


High-quality Voice
Wideband voice technology delivers clear and natural voice. The G.722 wideband audio codec enables high-quality audio by capturing a broader range of audio frequencies, a more complete representation of the audio signal than traditional narrowband.

Hands-free Convenience
Full-duplex, hands-free convenience and a built-in headset jack make communication even easier. The KX-UDT121 slim and light model even has built-in Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling.

Engineered to Perform
All models support 200 hours of standby time and extensive talk time. The KX-UDT121 and KX-UDT131 provides 13 hours (narrowband) or 10 hours (wideband) talk time, plus a quick charge time of just 3 hours.
The KX-UDT111 provides 11 hours (narrowband) or 9 hours (wideband) talk time.


Noise Reduction
Panasonic leads the industry for noise reduction technology that smooths communication in a loud environment. The KX-UDT Series employs technology that estimates and subtracts the noise component from the input signal to deliver best-in-class voice quality.


Features that keep business moving
• DECT 6.0 Technology
• 1.8-inch, 65,000-colour TFT Display
• Wideband Voice (G.722)
• Built-in Bluetooth (KX-UDT121)
• Headset Jack (2.5mm plug)
• Vibrate Mode
• 500-Entry Personal Phonebook
• Full-Duplex Speakerphone
• Adjustable Ringtones
• Maximum Register Handsets: 255
• Maximum Cell Stations per System: 128
(32 per Air Sync Group)
• IP65 Compliance (UDT131 only)