Brand: Trylon

Product Code: 4.95.0301.000

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Titan Tower T200 16'

Includes 4' anchor stub legs for concrete, splice hardware, 8' antenna mounting pipe, angle frames, and u-bolt assembly in top section.


Allowable Antenna area in Ft2 at 70/85/100 Mph wind*:

Survival (No Ice): 

Round: 28/16/9

Flat: 19/11/6


Survival (1/2'' ice):

Round: 3/--/--

Flat: 2/--/--


*Based on the antenna load being centrally located and balanced 3' or less above the tower top (“--” indicates tower failure).


Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH in inch)

101x40x20, 210 Lbs.


Accessory list:

  • Safety Rail System with trolley and karabiner: 4.97.0500.316
  • Anti-Climb Shield (set of 3): 4.92.0104.000
  • Tower Grounding Kit with #6 copper wire: 4.91.0101.000
  • Side Mount (Top Section) with 2 angle frames, clip angles, u-bolt assemblies, and 6' pipe: 4.84.1142.000
  • Base Foot Weldments (set of 3): 4.82.0105.000
  • Rock Bolts with nuts & flat washers 3-pak: 4.80.0100.100
  • Lighting Kits with cable: 4.93.0102.000