Zipato Z-Wave 3G USB Stick (ZB3GUSB)

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Zipato Z-Wave 3G USB Stick (ZB3GUSB)

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3G USB Stick

The ZB3GUSB is a portable device that attaches to a USB port (Backup module, Security module, Serial module) to enable the Zipabox to connect to the central monitoring servers as a primary connection or secondary (backup) IP connection by using 3G networks.

The USB Stick can be used with any 2G/3G SIM card, wherever Dual Band, Tri Band or Quad Band SIMs are supported. Simply plug into a Backup module or Security module, set your PIN/APN and connect to the Zipato monitoring servers.


Important Notice: This product requires ZBMBACKUP, ZBMSERIAL or ZBMSECURITY.