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Ubiquiti SunMAX Roof Mount Kit Tile

sunMAX™ Residential Solar Solution
The sunMAX Residential Solar Solution provides a complete product solution including hardware and software. The sunMAX hardware offers advantages such as simplified installations, optimal performance using microinverters, railless mounting, and integrated equipment kits. The sunMAX software makes it easier to sell and design systems, includes mobile tools to assist with installation, and provides remote monitoring (and shutoff) capabilities.

sunMAX Hardware

  • Designed to Use Microinverters on Each Solar Panel
    • Maximizes the power output of each panel individually
    • Increased safety
  • AC Cabling with Built-In Connectors
    • No wiring; simply plug one panel into the next
    • Increased safety
  • Railless Mounting System
    • Integrated mounting system clamps directly onto roof mounts
    • No need to install rails or racks on top of the mounts
  • Wireless Monitoring Gateway
    • Wirelessly communicates status and performance of each panel to the sunMAX cloud-based monitoring software
  • Integrated Equipment Kit
    • Pre-assembled into 8 sub-assemblies, compared to more than 20 part numbers for the typical residential solar project sunMAX Software
  • Design installations with sunLink
    • Design a system for the customer’s roof
    • Create a customer proposal
    • Generate a complete bill of materials for ordering equipment
  • Use the sunMAX Install mobile app for installation
    • Equipment setup and configuration
    • Scan QR codes on each panel for faster integration
  • Monitor performance for
    • Desktop apps to monitor the status and performance of the system, panel by panel

Need more information? You can find the complete Datasheet here.

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